Josh Lambeth

Josh Lambeth

Owner/Chief Pilot

Born in Spokane, Washington, Josh developed an early interest in filmmaking. He made his first film when he was still in middle school. Clinging tightly to his dreams of being a filmmaker, Josh studied Arts in Feature Films at Brooks Institute of Photography. Since then he has gained experience in his field by working on: feature films, short films, commercials and more. He has won multiple awards for his work as an editor and cinematographer.

Josh currently holds both a Sport Pilot license (real airplanes) and the new Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107 rules) that both allow him to legally operator drones within the national airspace.

Throughout his 14 years in the film/photography industry, Josh found a particular niche that he especially excelled at; having always loved robotics and remote controlled (R/C) cars and planes, Josh found a way to blend his two passions and through hard work and determination Birds Eye Productions was born. Josh’s enthusiasm for film, photography and flying combined with his creative energy, enthusiasm and passion has enabled him to bring stunningly designed aerial shots and creative ideas to each and every one of BEP’s projects.

The film and aerial photography business is constantly changing and always on the cutting edge; Josh is at the forefront of this movement. He has manipulated or invented many pieces of flight and film equipment to make his shots smoother and more dynamic and is constantly training and gathering new equipment.

Noel Lucas

Noel Lucas

Camera Operator/Marketing/Editor

Is a native Phoenician whose parents worked in TV news and commercial production. She credits this early introduction into the film world for sparking an interest in everything film related. Noel shadowed her parents and learned the in and outs of the industry. She received her degree from ASU in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and has worked on various films and commercial sets as a camera assistant, script supervisor and as an editor. Her latest project is showing in it’s third film festival.

Noel has been with BEP from the time it was formed and quickly mastered camera operation and is now BEP’s primary camera operator. She also has experience in office management and marketing.

When she isn’t flying, she multitasks to keep the office running smoothly.
Working in and excelling at aerial photography has been a new and surprising development for Noel and she loves being able to work in the film industry in a different capacity then she ever thought possible! BEP has allowed her to travel and meet great clients.

When Noel isn’t in the field flying or in the office filing, she enjoys making movies, dog-training and antiquing with her aunts.