Testing our new FreeFly Systems MoVI Pro

On December 24th, FreeFly Systems  (www.freeflysystems.com) delivered our brand new MoVI Pro. We pre-ordered this new piece of gear from them a couple months back when it was first announced and waited with anticipation until it arrived. For those of you not familiar with the MoVI Pro, here are the specs according to the FreeFly website:

MōVI Pro – Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created.  It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use.  MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality video content quickly and easily.


  • Innovative structural design for ease of use, convenience, strength, versatility
  • Dual Hot Swappable 22.5v 1.8Ah Batteries with status indicators
  • Integrated Focus / Iris / Zoom controller
  • Embedded screen for tuning / customization
  • Increased motor torque
  • 12-14v 6A D-Tap output for camera power
  • (QTY 2) 12V 2A D-Tap output for accessory power
  • Ultra fast <2 Second Boot time
  • Full stiffness and Filter autotune in ~10 seconds
  • MōVI Pro applications (iOS, Android)
  • Majestic Mode
  • Timelapse
  • Dual GPS (top and bottom) for solid signal in Sky or GroundView
  • Full Red RCP integration (Focus, Iris, ISO, Start stop, etc)
  • Internal long range 2.4GHz frequency hopping radio for connection to MIMIC
  • Multiple handle options (MōVI RING Pro, Low Profile Handle, Classic Handle)

Now that we have our MoVI Pro it was time to start putting it to the test to see how good it really was! We have a MoVI M10 which we loved but there were always limitations with it that we wished we could overcome. The new MoVI Pro so-far has overcome these limitations. Here are some of the tests we have conducted already.

There seemed to be a good amount of people looking for a test to see how well the pan motor was holding at higher gimbal weights, I decided to conduct this test.
Below are pictures of the camera package and gimbal weights.
Camera setup was 13lbs and the total gimbal weight was about 21-22lbs
Camera was a Red Epic MX with Contax Zeiss 100mm Macro (my heaviest lens). I attached a Switronix battery to the back to add extra weight.
The MoVI Batteries were down at 35-40%. I didn’t want to use a full battery just in-case the overall voltage affects the holding power.
Here are the settings used for the test. These were based on the auto-tune @ 75% but then tweaked by me a bit.
I did 4 runs sitting on the side of a pickup truck (safety 3rd). 2 runs were conducted at 40mph (18ms/s) and 2 at 50mph (22m/s).
The result? It didn’t even phase the MoVI. Held rock steady the entire time. The 100mm lens at 4K on the epic is equivalent to 174mm and it’s completely usable footage. The jerky movements up and down were me, not the gimbal loosing it. I didn’t adjust the Majestic setting for tilt for 100mm operator so it was sensitive.
Here is the video for your review.
Another test we wanted to try out was flying with a telephoto-lens under our drones. We conducted this test using the same lens as the above test which is 100mm. We are flying a RED Epic with a Contax Zeiss 100mm lens at 4k under our ALTA 6. Due to the crop factor of the EPIC at 4k this is a focal length equivalent to 174mm. There is no post stabilization added to this footage. This was also the longest lens we have ever flown and the first time our camera operator has tried this which is why the moves are a bit all over the place at first. We also will absolutely need a wireless follow focus system when we do this again.
Here is that video for you to check out!
We would love to hear your feedback about these tests. If you have anything else you can think of please feel free to contact us here!

2015 BEP Show Reel Released! Aerial Video Service

Birds Eye Productions would like to present to you our latest show reel. This is a small collection of shots from our different shoots over the last 11 months. This is just a small sample of what we have done and what we can do. There were a wide range of cameras used in this reel along with many different lenses.

Cameras Used:
Red Epic Dragon
Red Epic
Canon 1D-C
Canon 6D
Canon 7D

Lenses ranged from:
12mm-85mm from Rokinon, Canon, ARRI, and Zeiss.

A few of the shots are with out 85mm Rokinon at a 1.4x crop which puts it closer to 120mm.
90% of these shots were done using our MoVI camera gimbal. None of the MoVI shots have been stabilized in post including the 85mm shots.

Clients in this reel include:
Arizona Public Service
Salt River Project
History Channel
International Air Response
Leisure Travel Vans
Phoenix Childrens Hospital
San Francisco Giants MLB World Series Team
And More.

Color Correction done by Crash @ Salt Digital Media in Phoenix AZ.

If you are interested in using use for your aerial video service needs please feel free to contact us by clicking here: Contact Us!


ESPN Superbowl XLIX Promo Shoot and the FreeFly Systems MoVI

Last night we had an awesome time shooting a new Superbowl XLIX promotional video at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona! The production hired us to use our MoVI camera stabilizer to help them get some great shots of their talent entering the field. We loaded up our MoVI with a bunch of awesome equipment. Here is a quick picture of our setup:

The MoVI was loaded with the following:

– Super Speed Ultra Primes (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm)
– Bartech Wireless Follow-Focus
– ARRI 4×5 Matte Box
– Microphone for audio Sync
– RED Touch Screen
– Paralinx Wireless HD Video Link

We powered the EPIC via a V-Mount battery which I wore on my belt. I ran a long, custom built cable to the EPIC to allow us to run the camera for longer periods of time then you would get if you just used the side-handle. I also was powering the MoVI via a large (5,000mAh 4s) lipo battery. We shot for 7 hours and only changed the battery once, and that was during the last 30 minutes of the shoot. I had this battery in a pocket as well to help keep the weight down on the MoVI.

The shoot went really really well. We literally did every shot that evening on the MoVI. This allowed the shoot to move on quicker due to not needing to setup and tear down other camera movement systems.

Here is a quick shot of myself operating the MoVI in the tunnel right before a take. I can’t wait to see the final promo!

If you are looking to use a MoVI on your next project please contact us today! We are offering an awesome deal on our MoVI rental along with special package deals if you also hire us for aerial work. We can also offer weekly and monthly rates depending on the length of your shoot. Our rental includes a tech/operator to ensure your footage looks perfect (there is a learning curve in order to get the best footage possible).

Contact us here for more details.


Last month, Birds Eye was able to be apart of a very special event involving a 7-year-old kid named Alex. He has been battling cancer and has always had a wish to become Robin and help fight crime with Batman. We were able to help document his wish as it became a reality. It was an amazing experience and we wish Alex and his family the best with his battle!

New Details About Birds Eye Technologies SteadiFly Camera Stabilization System

Birds Eye Productions has started a secondary company, Birds Eye Technologies LLC, and we just released new details about our new handheld camera stabilization systems, the SteadiFly!

Visit http://birdsiproductions.com/store/steadifly-gimbal-system/ for more information and to sign up for more information

Arizona Filmmaker Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 8.43.29 PMBirds Eye Productions now has an ad in the September/October issue of Arizona Filmmaker Magazine!

This magazine is brand new and this is the very first issue. There are a lot of good resources and interviews for filmmakers and film lovers.

It will be available both as a print magazine and an online magazine! Here is a link to the online version.
Arizona FIlmmaker September/October 2013

The print version will be available shortly.

For more information about the magazine please visit their Facebook Page here.

New Website!

Hello and welcome to our brand new website! Please take a look around and we would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello we would love to hear from you.

We will be frequently updating our blog to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of Birds Eye Productions.

Thank you for stopping by!

Josh Lambeth